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When two sisters unearth a secret room one fateful morning, it launches them into the greatest adventure of their lives. With the help of their late grandfather’s journal, Delia and June Grackle discover not only how to control their own dreams, but how to share and create one together. The sisters soon embark on a wonderful and hilarious adventure through innerspace. However, imaginations collide and their carefully planned expedition quickly spirals into uncharted dimensions.

Wide Awake & Dreaming' explores the edge between control and chaos, dreams and nightmares– and two very different sisters. Where even you, dear reader, can follow Grandpa’s instructions and enter the infinite carnival of the mind. But be forewarned, there are two sides to every coin. With each fantastic dream, a terrifying nightmare might be lurking just around the corner. So step right up, boys and girls, the show is about to begin!  

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